Edmond Ok dentistIn this image and health conscious time and age, diets are often shaped with one’s health in mind. The idea is to go low fat and more fiber, and go with more proteins in exchange for carbohydrates. But if you’re eating for your body, then you should consider eating for your teeth, too. Your diet has a profound effect on your dental health. If you’re serious on keeping your pearly whites white and free from cavities, then here are some of the things that you need to know about:


If there is any mineral which influences bones and teeth in such an extensive way, then that would be calcium. Calcium is the primary component of your bones and your teeth. The thicker and denser the calcium crystals are in your bones and teeth, the more resistant they are to damage. If there is any destruction of the enamel layer, repair is possible for as long as there is more than enough levels of calcium in your blood.

According to nutritionists, the recommended dietary allowance of calcium is 500 mg, with individuals who take in less than amount being more susceptible to periodontitis. This form of gum disease actually leads to destruction of the gums as well as the inner supporting tissues such as jaw bones and ligaments. It is recommended that individuals have two to four servings of dairy products in an everyday basis in order to satisfy the RDA requirement for calcium.

Vitamin C

If you see streaks of blood whenever you brush your teeth, then that is a sign that you have gingivitis or some other form of gum disease. Vitamin C is responsible for connective tissue repair as well as strengthening of one’s immune system. For this reason, individuals who are suffering from gingivitis could use an extra dose of vitamin C.

Whenever a person has gingivitis, this is a sign of an ongoing bacterial infection which results in connective tissue (gum tissue) destruction. What vitamin C does is to help rev up the immune system of the patient in order that he or she can fight off the infection more effectively and also pave way for the restoration of good gum health. The symptoms of gingivitis include red, swollen gums which easily bleed. You can easily meet the RDA for this vitamin just by eating a serving of any citrus fruit, from oranges, tangerines to grapefruits.

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