Sometimes extensive tooth decay takes its toll, resulting in necessary tooth extraction and other drastic methods such as root canal. The process can be time consuming and painful, serving only to impose the importance of proper tooth care. Root canal therapy is a last ditch effort to salvage what is left of your teeth after tooth decay and bacterial degradation have done their work.

To facilitate recovery after root canal and promote healthy healing of the gum tissue, we give our clients very specific instructions. Adhering to these guidelines can help you reclaim oral health, and get your smile back in shape:

Avoid Stress

Root canal therapy is an invasive procedure that involves no small measure of pain. To prevent further swelling and discomfort, avoid putting stress on the affected side of your mouth. You can indulge in a soft diet composed of bread rolls and soup. It is also prudent to prevent chewing and biting with this section while it is still under the effects of anesthesia to prevent unnoticeable injury that could result in a return trip to the dentist’s chair.

Minimize Swelling

Placing a pack of ice over the affected area can help interrupt the inflammation process after a root canal. You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables or meat in place of a cooling pad. Doing this for around 10-15 minutes every hour can result in better healing of your affected tooth. You can also avoid pooling of fluid in the area by sleeping on two pillows or an elevated bed. This method can help reduce any swelling.

Take Medications

We often prescribe our patients pain maintenance medications and anti-bacterial remedies. Taking these regularly will speed up the healing process and result in a greater feeling of relief. When taking antibiotics, make sure to finish the entire course; this is to avoid developing a drug resistance problem that impedes healing. Never hesitate to approach us for more advice when experiencing side effects. Always seek consultation before starting or stopping any medications.

No Vices

Smokers should refrain from indulging after root canal therapy. This practice slows the healing process resulting in lasting discomfort and greater opportunities to develop infection. Alcoholic drinks can also aggravate the condition, so consumption is unadvisable.

Root canal therapy means to restore your teeth to their original condition. Take our maintenance advice and get your second chance at a beautiful set of pearly whites.

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