Dental Veneers Edmond OKOne of your smile’s happiest moments might be when you first had your dental veneers in Edmond OK or crowns on. However, your veneers and crowns won’t stay the same way they did when you first had them on. They will inevitably change as you continue to use them. One very common complication which exists when getting crowns or veneers is that the color of the natural teeth may not match the color of the treated teeth. Listed below are some of the complications which dentists encounter when placing on veneers, and the strategies which are often used in order to remedy these dental problems.

Veneering not just one tooth.

One thing which dentists do is to veneer not just one tooth but all of the six teeth which are found along the smile line. Even though porcelain comes in different degrees of whiteness and they can be stained in order to match the hue of your natural teeth, color matching can still be rather difficult. For this reason, some dentists decide to veneer all the teeth which appear along the smile line so that not just one tooth sticks out. Although this might be costly, this is the best way to create a uniformly bright smile.

Darkening of teeth with age.

The problem of mismatching can come in later on. There are some situations wherein the veneer matched the rest of the patient’s teeth perfectly but because of the changes to the dentin layer as one ages, the veneered tooth slowly stuck out from the rest of the natural teeth. If this is the case, then it might be possible for your dentist to bring back the aesthetics of your smile by bleaching your teeth back to the way they were when the veneer was first placed on.

Teeth whitening before the veneering procedure.

Another method that your dentist can try in order to assure that you’ll continue to retain that beautiful smile when you first had your dental veneers placed on is to have you undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Doing so will bring back your teeth to their most natural white state and your dentist can pick out a porcelain shade that matches the “whiteness” of your smile. Porcelain is stain resistant so you can be assured that the veneered tooth won’t change in color. On the other hand, the rest of your teeth can be whitened back should they begin to stain in the future.

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