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A great smile can give anyone an amazing boost in self-confidence. Having to keep your smile in could be one of the most daunting things a person would have to go through. Luckily, the world of dentistry has been revolutionized with the introduction of cosmetic procedures. In this high-tech world of veneers and crowns, you no longer need great genes just to have a captivating smile.

A missing tooth no longer has to cripple your smile.

In the past, our permanent teeth were the gems of our mouth in that if we lost them, we could never have anything that could take their place ever again. Unless you go for dentures, there will be a gaping hole where a pearly white used to be. But that was before the era of dental implants.

Dental implants have done so much to improve the smiles of people who may have lost a tooth or two. In this procedure, a rod is inserted right into the gums of a patient and all the way into the inner tissues. Once the rod is put firmly in place, a crown is placed on top of it so that the implant assumes the appearance of a normal tooth.

A whiter smile is just a few minutes away.

The only way that one could have a whiter smile back during the good old days was to patiently use whitening toothpastes, and avoid foods and drinks which stain the teeth. But because in this hectic era, coffee has become an integral part of anyone’s life, this route is not that feasible. Fortunately, you can have white teeth with the help of in-house whitening procedures in just a matter of minutes.

Having crooked teeth no longer means getting a botched smile.

It was all about the luck of the draw in days gone by. Consider yourself lucky if your parents had immaculately straight teeth and happened to pass the good gene to you. But even if you have overlapping teeth, there’s still a chance for everything to be straightened out with the help of orthodontic braces.

And if you think that braces are the bane of an adolescent’s life, think again. There are now specially designed orthodontic braces for adults. Designed so that they face the tongue, lingual braces are virtually impossible to spot and are perfect for individuals who think that sporting a metallic smile no longer suits their stature.

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