You were quite lax with taking care of your pearly whites and now you have multiple cavities. What should you do now? Restorative dentistry is the branch which helps to repair minimal dental damages from minor chips to tooth decay.

sedation dentistry edmond OKThe major complication of these minor dental dilemmas is teeth sensitivity because outside stimuli, in the form of cold or hot drinks and food, can make their way into the pulp region of the tooth through these cracks and breaks in the enamel layer. In order to avoid teeth sensitivity as well as prevent further deterioration of the affected tooth, dental fillings are important part of restorative dentistry. Here are some of the things which you need to know about dental fillings:

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are materials which are used to fill in cavities and chips as well as mold the tooth back to its original state. Dental fillings include porcelain and silver amalgams and composite fillings. These material can also be used to smoothen out the surfaces of your teeth to prevent the adhesion of bacteria, plaque and other food debris.

When does it become necessary to get dental fillings?

The spread of cavities are often halted with the help of dental fillings because it seals the tooth out from oral bacteria which can cause the formation of deep cavities that can burrow all the way to the pulp portion of the tooth and cause the characteristic pain which comes with severe tooth decay. Fillings can also be used to restructure a tooth which has been damaged because of chips and cracks.

How is the entire procedure done?

Your dentist will first have to prepare your tooth for the procedure including taking out the damaged area and then cleansing the area in order to get rid of residual debris or bacteria. Adhesives are first applied on the tooth before the composite material can be molded into the tooth. A special bonding light is then used in order to make the filling material harden and cure it appropriately.

How do you take care of your restored tooth?

Aside from brushing your teeth twice a day, it’s also important to stay away from acidic drinks which could erode the dental enamel and cause more cavities, which would then have to be filled as well. Fluoride rinses may also be required especially if you’re identified to be at high risk for the development of cavities and you may need to go through a dental sealant procedure.

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