Sometimes, despite diligent care, patients experience the pain and hassle of cavities. We often have patients come to us seeking a solution for this situation. Through a process known as tooth filling, we are able to close cavities, preventing the beginnings of tooth decay and degradation.

The process behind filling in a tooth is relatively simple, with the amount of time necessary depending on the number and severity of cavities in the mouth. Overtime, we have encountered many types of materials used to fill cavities with tooth-colored fillings being the latest development. We often recommend this kind to our clients due to the following advantages:

Aesthetic Reasons

One main concern of patients is that filled teeth resemble their original teeth as closely as possible. It is certainly not attractive to display a mouth full of metal-colored fillings. Using tooth-colored fillings, patients achieve the look and feel of natural teeth, producing a smile that is truly lovely to see. These types allow patients to carry on with their lives, while showing friends and family members a semblance of great oral health.


Compared to the metal fillings used in the past, tooth-colored fillings are composed of a resin-like material. This component is extremely durable and does not disintegrate due to vigorous tooth activity. Clients can consume any type of food at their leisure without having to worry about fillings disintegrating or falling out. The security provided by these types of fillings has benefited clients greatly when it comes to maintaining the quality of their lifestyles.


The material present in tooth-colored fillings allows them to bond to teeth more securely. This type of bond protects teeth from the stress of chewing and grinding, while protecting against the discomfort of tooth sensitivity. Our patients no longer need to experience the discomfort associated with consuming foods that are too hot or cold.

Prevent Decay

Once the filling has covered the cavity, there is no need to worry about bacteria contaminating the site. Clients can stop worrying about potential tooth decay with these tooth-colored fillings. The resin-component provides a strong seal that will not break or warp easily.

Now, there is no need for clients to worry about unsightly looking teeth. It is possible to achieve a beautiful smile with minimal effort. Cavities and other related dental conditions are no longer a problem given the right application of dental techniques and personal maintenance measures.

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