Mouth Guards Edmond OKWhen your dentist tells you that you have to protect your teeth, this is often something which you don’t take literally. You protect your teeth by choosing a toothpaste product which has the recommended levels of fluoride or maybe you protect your teeth by brushing after each meal plus flossing before going to bed. However, there are instances wherein you really have to physically protect your teeth, and you do so through the use of mouth guards.

What are mouth guards?

These are oral appliances which are fitted around your teeth in order to mechanically protect your teeth from damage. Most mouth guards are made using an acrylic material and are custom-made to fit the contours of the wearer’s teeth.

The reason for why acrylic is the material used in manufacturing mouth guards is because it is soft so it cushions the teeth without leading forming scratches or doing any other kind of damage on the enamel layer when force is received. Also, mouth guards are specifically made for their wearers because this dental appliance should fit snugly around the teeth of the patient without it being too tight.

When are mouth guards necessary?

There are certain occasions wherein the use of mouth guards become necessary:

Bruxism. Also known as teeth grinding, bruxism is a dental condition which involves the gnashing of teeth. The excessive grinding of teeth actually leads to the wearing down of the enamel of teeth which results in teeth sensitivity and heightened susceptibility for dental infections. In order to prevent damage of the enamel even as one continues to grind his or her teeth, mouth guards are necessary.

Sports. Most sports related injuries affect the facial area of the player. And a runaway ball hitting a person’s face can lead to broken and chipped teeth. Sometimes, it’s even possible for teeth to be knocked out of their sockets because of these sports injuries. For this reason, when you’re participating in contact sports, it’s always a good precautionary method to wear mouth guards.

What is the process of getting mouth guards?

The process starts with a trip to the dentist in order to have impressions of your teeth made. Once this is done, the impressions are sent out to the laboratory for the technician to fabricate the mouth guards. After a couple of weeks, you will be asked to visit the dentist for a second time for the actual fitting of the mouth guards.

Mouth Guards Edmond OK

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