Ever had a dream where you experience a tooth falling out? Old wives’ tale says that it’s about you feeling out of control in the midst of your problems. Let’s turn the discussion on real life. What if you are at risk to lose a tooth? Or two, maybe three?

Why Do Teeth Fall Out?

Losing a tooth doesn’t automatically happen; it progresses in stages. Your gums, at first will feel tender and look red. They may even hurt a little, but oftentimes, you will not feel any pain at all. One sign that you’re experiencing gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is when your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. Bleeding gums can come about because of bacteria formed from lack of proper hygiene. It can also be caused by smoking, hormonal changes and ailments that affect the immune system.

Gingivitis can get worse until it becomes periodontitis, another name for gum disease.  This occurs when your teeth feel as if they’re getting loose or shifting from their positions. This is because your gums are slowly receding. Deep pockets are also forming between your teeth and gums. These spaces can get infected if they get filled with food particles that encourage plaque and tartar to grow underneath the gum line. The toxins they produce will destroy gum tissues and bone, which makes your teeth gradually looser until they fall out.

What are Common Treatments for Gum Disease?

Professional dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar, due to improper brushing and flossing, can be stubborn to remove. Our dentists perform reliable cleaning procedures to thoroughly clean above and below the gum line. We may recommend you to come to the clinic for dental cleaning for more than twice a year if we notice your gums are exhibiting signs of gum disease.

Scaling and Root Planing. We will put you under local anesthetic so we can get rid of stubborn bacteria and stains from the crowns and root surfaces of teeth. The cementum and surface dentin affected with the accumulated microorganisms and toxins will also be removed to stop the onset of gum disease.

Surgery. There are times when dental cleaning can no longer be an only option to stop the gum disease from spreading. Our dentists can perform surgery to limit the damage caused on the bone. We will also reduce the space between the tooth and gum. This helps to limit the spaces where bacteria can grow and further cause damage.

Don’t let gum disease get worse until it becomes worse! Schedule an appointment now to consult one of our dentists about your gum bleeding. We will examine them and provide different treatment options.

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