Accidents are a normal part of life, but they are nonetheless unwelcome. These accidents cause considerable pain and discomfort, and can even stop you from going through your normal routines. These accidents may also result in dental problems like broken, chipped and cracked teeth.

Automobile accidents, sports injuries, and falls all cause head, neck, and tooth trauma. You should visit the emergency room right away if you suffer from profuse bleeding, dizziness, and severe pain after an accident. Their staff can treat fractures, reconstruct your dental arches, and perform emergency tooth extractions.

Try to keep yourself as comfortable as possible while you wait if you experience tooth injuries and do not have access to an emergency room or oral surgeon. Visit our office soon as you can so we can see what to do to restore your smile, whether through dental implants, full crown restorations, or dental bridges.

Here are some of the restorative options that we may suggest depending on the extent of your tooth injury.

1      For cracked teeth: Root canal treatment or tooth extractions are the best options, because pulp damage is common. We will replace your extracted teeth with dental implants and full crown restorations.

2      For chipped, fractured, and broken teeth: Depending on the damage, we may simply smooth out the surface of your teeth with tooth-colored composite or use bonding procedures to repair broken teeth.

3      For avulsed (knocked out) and luxated (dislodged) teeth: We can re-implant teeth if you receive medical attention within 30 minutes. After that period, you may have to choose from solutions like dental implants, crowns, dentures, and dental bridges.

4      For broken jaws: After you visit the emergency room for immediate treatment, an oral or maxillofacial surgeon will set your broken jaw back into place and stabilize it with wires.

Dental implants are good choices for restorative dentistry because they can imitate the exact functions of natural tooth roots. They can become permanent anchors for artificial teeth, porcelain crowns, dental bridges, or custom-fitted dentures. Best of all, they do not require support from the surrounding teeth, improving your mouth’s overall structure.

Visiting your dentist right away is the first step to restoring your teeth and keeping pain at bay. Delaying the check-up might make your dental injury worse. Call us right away so we can repair your teeth and restore your bright, healthy smile.

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