With the way that our dentists eagerly tell us to brush our teeth after every meal, it seems like eating is to blame for dental caries and gum problems. But do you know that choosing which foods to munch on can actually help you fight off certain dental conditions such as tooth decay and gingivitis. Here are some of the ways that you can eat your way to good oral health:

Choose your sources of sugar properly.

We’ve always been told that sugar is what causes cavities in our teeth but it seems like everything we grab is sweet. Does that mean we should stop eating fruits because they, too, are sweet and presumably rich in sugar? Dentists have a better solution. First off, it’s a misconception that only sweet foods could cause tooth decay; starchy ones could too because the complex carbohydrates are later converted into simple sugars inside our mouth. Secondly, it’s sucrose, a particular kind of sugar, which is the actual culprit in majority of tooth decay cases. Sucrose is also known as table sugar.

How about other things which are sweet? Dentists say that dried fruits can actually cause considerable damage not only because they are sweet but also because they are sticky and can cling onto surfaces of teeth longer than other sugary foods. On the other hand, fresh fruits, while being sweet and acidic all at the same time, actually do not pose that much damage because eating them motivates saliva secretion.

Munch your way to healthy gums.

When your gums bleed easily, this could mean that you have a Vitamin C deficiency. The vitamin actually promotes connective tissue growth and repair so loading up on Vitamin C would do the trick. On top of munching on fruits, you should also include fibrous vegetables into your diet just as well. Include celery and carrots on your diet which will stimulate your gums from all that hard munching. Vitamin A is also helpful in strengthening your gums.

Consume these; avoid that.

If you want to have a healthier mouth, make sure that your diet consists mainly of milk and other dairy products such as yogurt and cheeses. Dairy products can be rather rich so you can opt for the low-fat variety. At the same time sip on your tea which actually helps to remove plaque. On the other hand, avoid dried fruits and anything sweet that is sticky as well as sipping long on acidic drinks.

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