Dental Veneers in Edmond OKWhen it comes to dental cosmetic procedures, veneers have become a major staple. Also known as laminates, these dental facades are shaped and look like teeth and are bonded to the front surface of the teeth that requires treatment. But just like with any other kind of dental procedure, there are specific indications for the use of dental veneers. Unlike crowns which cover the entire exposed portion of each tooth, veneers only cover just one side of the tooth which keeps it from conferring structural integrity to the tooth.

Uses of Dental Veneers


When Dr Chandler tells you to protect your teeth, sometimes this has to be taken literally. Sports accidents often occur in the form of facial injuries. These facial injuries can lead to the chipping away of a portion of the tooth. When this happens, this can severely affect the beauty of your smile even if only one tooth dons the chip. Chips which are treated simply using a dental bonding procedure would still be conspicuous and still affect your smile negatively. On the other hand, when the entire front surface of the tooth is modified, this will give a cleaner and more uniform look to the entire tooth.


Not to be mistaken for cracks, fractures do not affect the innermost layers of the tooth but are only isolated to the superficial dental enamel layer. While fractures do not really compromise the dental enamel structure that much, the fact still remains that a smile with lines running up and down your teeth would cause stares and heads to turn for the very wrong reasons. Fractures can be remedied with the help of dental bonding procedure but in order to get rid of the lines which may still be conspicuous, a dental veneer should be put in place on the front side of the tooth.

Intrinsic Stains

Known as such because of the fact that the stains are isolated deep within the dental layers of your teeth. For this reason, even with dental bleaching procedures, it can be rather difficult to extract the stain since the hydrogen peroxide compound cannot interact anymore with the stains underneath the enamel region. In order to get rid of the stains in an expedient manner, porcelain veneers can be pasted in front of the tooth in order to hide the stains instead of actually having to remove the stains from the inner layers.

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