Edmond OK dentistThe enamel is a very important layer of your teeth because it serves as the protective barrier of your teeth. Right within the very heart of your tooth is the pulp region wherein nerve tissues and blood vessels are all encased in. When these tissues are damaged or irritated, this results in a lot of pain on your part and can even necessitate the extraction of the tooth. Hence, the role of your enamel is crucial for the protection and preservation of your pearly whites.

The Enamel

This layer is made up of enamel crystals which are dense and have increased strength. However, just because the enamel seems impenetrable to substances does not mean it can no longer break, chip or fracture or even be dissolved. In the spirit of keeping the dental enamel intact, below are some of the ways that you can damage this layer of your teeth:


There are two culprits that are implicated in the formation of cavities – sugars and bacteria. Bacteria utilize sugars and in return excrete acidic metabolites which act on the enamel layer by slowly softening it. Once this layer has significantly softened, microcraters then begin to form which are essentially channels from the outside of the tooth to the innermost layers. When the damage has become rather extensive, cavities can reduce teeth into mere stumps and extraction could be your only recourse.

Acidic Drinks

Acids can dissolve dental enamel but you can expose your teeth to acids not just through the action of bacteria but also due to prolonged exposure of your teeth to acids found in beverages such as fizzy sodas, lemonades and energy drinks. If you’re addicted to these drinks and you’ve started noticing that your teeth has become a lot more sensitive throughout the years, then it could be because of your soda or energy drink addiction. Try laying off on the tart drinks and see a noticeable improvement on your dental enamel.

Eating Problems

Acids can also be regurgitated from your stomach such as when you suffer from gastric reflux or when you have an eating disorder like bulimia. Whenever you vomit, the food you puke actually contains significant amounts of gastric acids which can slowly eat away at the enamel layer of your teeth. If you suffer from such conditions, the only way to save your teeth is to treat the underlying disease which is the main reason for why acids come in contact with your teeth.

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