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At Edmond Dental Center, we vow to treat every patient like they are family. And this isn’t an empty promise. It’s a guarantee. And when one of our patients is in need, whether for dental or general health care, we work together to meet that need. That being said, one of our patients is in dire need and we are reaching out to you and encouraging the entire community to rally around and support this family.


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The routine cleaning that turned into a life-saving appointment…

Journee Woodard, an 11-year-old patient of Dr. Chandler, has beenJournee Woodard visiting our office since she was very young. On Wednesday morning, January 8th, Journee visited us for her usual, routine check-up. She bounced into our office, all smiles, as usual. But it wasn’t long into the cleaning when our hygienist, Rachel Stroble, noticed an unusual yellow tint in Journee’s eyes. When Dr. Chandler came in to visit Journee, he quickly confirmed Rachel’s concern over Journee’s eyes. He spoke with her parents and urged them to take her to her doctor immediately.


After a blood test, ultrasound, a CAT scan and an MRI, doctors discovered a large tumor that had spread to her liver and pancreas. The following Thursday, February 5th, Journee was admitted to the University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital where she underwent a 9-hour “Whipple Procedure” surgery. During this surgery, the surgeons removed parts of her pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder and part of her intestines.


The Road to Recovery

Journee is recovering from her major surgery but will be in the hospital for quite some time. Meanwhile, the bills are quickly piling up for Journee’s family. On top of this, neither of her parents’ jobs offers paid time off. Both parents have remained by Journee’s side throughout the entire procedure; however, this, unfortunately, means there is currently no income. The hospital bills have exceeded $100,000.00 and Journee’s insurance won’t cover the procedures.


What YOU Can Do to HelpJournee 2

Journee’s story has touched the hearts of many in our community and throughout the country. Click here to watch her touching story on CBS News. Journee’s parents have set up a donation page through YouCaring.com. Please consider giving to the Woodard family during their time of need. A donation, of any amount, goes a long way for a family facing numerous hospital bills.

Click here to donate to this family. As parents and health care providers, Dr. Chandler and his staff will be supporting the Woodard family financially and hope that you will choose to do the same! We will also be providing updates on Journee’s recovery throughout the next few months, click here to stay tuned via Facebook.


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