dental Implants Edmond OKWhile there are now so many ways that you can replace a missing tooth, sometimes this offers little comfort. The reason is because the tooth replacement just does not function in the same way as the original tooth does. This can severely compromise your ability to eat, drink or speak as efficiently as you once did. While these teeth replacement options may be able to cosmetically improve your smile, they do not replace the functions of that tooth. And because you cannot re-grow teeth which you have lost, then having a missing tooth can be a huge problem.

Teeth Replacement Options

When it comes to losing your teeth, patients generally have two options, and those are dentures and dental bridges. Dentures are false teeth with gums that are modeled according to the gums which you have. Dentures are then held into place with the natural suction that is created between the gums and the dentures. This can leave a person insecure with the fact that these dentures can readily fall off. At the same time, dental bridges are only kept in place by crowns which are placed on the adjacent teeth, next to the missing tooth. Because of this, dental bridges still aren’t as stable in comparison to natural teeth.

Your Third Option

While dentures and dental bridges may have worked in the past, dental implants are now brewing a storm and are fast becoming a favorite among dentists. The reason for this is because of the fact that dental implants actually replace the lost dental roots, which are responsible for anchoring the tooth into place. Dental implants are essentially titanium rods which are then drilled deep into the jaws through the empty dental socket. The process of osseointegration also ensures that the dental implant stays firmly in place because the titanium rod integrates with the rest of the adjacent bone tissues.

Being Qualified

For all the great things that you can get from having dental implants, not everyone could qualify for the procedure. For instance, individuals who are have existing gum diseases cannot move forward with the procedure because they may not have enough gum tissues or enough bone density to accommodate the titanium rod. At the same time, if it takes you a very long time for your wounds to heal, then you may be at risk for serious infection if you move forward with the dental implant procedure.

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