Root Canal Edmond OKRoot canal therapy is perhaps one of the most popular dental treatments worldwide. It has become the subject of conversations and has even been featured in TV sitcoms and comedy shows in the US. Though root canal is a treatment that actually restores the health of a tooth, there have been many misconceptions about it over the years. Thus, many people are scared to have a root canal and try to avoid having the treatment. They are only obliged to seek dental care when the tooth is already causing pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Common Misconceptions about Root Canal Therapy

• Root canals are extremely painful – The truth is that, most patients who have had root canal therapy describe the process as painless. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp of a tooth so pain and inflammation will cease. The treatment actually relieves pain instead of the other way around, so patients have nothing to fear. Dr. Chandler will administer anesthesia prior to treatment and will make sure that patients are comfortable during the entire process.

• Extraction is a better option than a root canal – Dental patients are always advised to save a tooth rather than opt for tooth extraction because of many factors. One reason is that teeth misalignment can occur with the space left by a missing tooth. The remaining teeth have a tendency to shift position and misalign in the process. Another reason to save a tooth is the fact that having your own, real teeth are still best. While you can always have prosthetic teeth placed, they may have certain limitations and are usually more costly than root canal therapy.

• There’s no need for a root canal as long as there’s no pain – Why wait for pain to set in when you can have the infected pulp already removed? Bear in mind that a tooth infection does not heal on its own. The longer you keep up with it, the stronger it gets; hence, root canal must be performed as soon as possible, upon diagnosis.

• The tooth is prone to bacteria with root canal therapy – The treatment actually gets rid of infection and bacteria. Your dentist will remove the infected pulp, and then clean the area thoroughly. He will then proceed with a dental filling, to strengthen the tooth and keep bacteria from penetrating it. Oftentimes, the placement of a dental crown follows the filling treatment, so the structure and appearance of the tooth is restored. Root canal therapy seeks to eliminate bacteria and not cause it to enter the tooth.

Dentists like Dr. Chandler want to educate patients about root canal so that the treatment can be given to patients who need it. Information and knowledge about the treatment can help ease one’s fears about taking the procedure. Dr. Chandler believes that a positive campaign about root canal is the only way to spread its true goals and benefits.

Fun Facts about Root Canal Therapy

• Root canal is necessary when infection has reached the pulp of a tooth.

• During the treatment, the dentist removes this infected pulp, and then cleans the area.

• The dentist proceeds with a filling followed by a dental crown, to fill, cover, strengthen, and restore the appearance and structure of a tooth.

• Patients who have undergone the treatment say that the process is virtually painless.

• Studies have shown that 85% of patients will return to the same dentist who performed their root canal therapy.

• 40 million root canal treatments are performed yearly in America.

• Root canals have a success rate of about 95%.

If you have an infected tooth or a tooth that is deteriorating badly because of cavities, a root canal therapy may just be able to save it. Root canal treatments are here to save your tooth, restore it to good health, and give you a lifetime of function.

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