Root Canal Edmond OKThere are some pains which will allow you to still smile through. However, there are also some forms of ache which are just too excruciating for you to be able to grin through. Toothache is just one of those pains which just seem extremely terrible. And more so when the pulp region of the tooth becomes affected. This very central layer of the tooth is where all of the nerve endings and soft tissues are found. For this reason, if the pulp becomes irritated, then all the pain will wage on. And when that happens, you have only two options, which are to extract the tooth or to have the tooth undergo a root canal treatment in Edmond OK.

Why tooth extraction?

Because it is the pulp layer, which is found inside the tooth, that is causing all of the pain, then it’s only logical that in order for you to get rid of the pain, that you will also have to remove the tooth. Of course, this is done only as a final recourse such as when the tooth’s structure has already been severely damaged and even a root canal treatment would no longer be practical. However, the loss of the tooth means the loss of your ability to make use of the tooth for eating, speaking and other functions.

Why root canal treatments?

Root canal treatments are based on the fact that you can get rid of the pulp layer of your tooth without exactly having to physically remove the tooth. Dentists have found out that it’s possible for you to drill a hole through the tooth and then for you to scrape out the pulp region in order for you to cut off the blood supply of the tooth as well as get rid of the nerves which service the tooth. The result is still the same eradication of pain although the tooth is left intact.

What happens next?

If you go for root canal treatment, then the tooth will stay in place and you won’t have anything to worry about. However, if you chose the former option, then you’d have to deal with the loss of the tooth. A wonderful substitute for lost tooth would be dental implants. The reason for this is because dental implants replace not the crown but instead, the dental roots by drilling in a titanium rod all the way to the jawbones of the patient, allowing the same to be anchored firmly in place.

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