Root Canal Edmond OKChronic toothache is something which most, if not all, individuals would very much rather avoid than experience. However, when there is already pulp involvement of some sort, then it can be rather difficult for you to avoid the pain. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is the nerve endings found within the pulp layer of the tooth which allows for the interpretation of signals coming into the tooth. When the pulp is then irritated, the nerve endings will interpret this as unending pain. So when you have chronic toothache, Dr. Chandler will only extend to you two options — that is to extract the tooth or to go for a root canal treatment in Edmond OK.

Option 1: Tooth Extraction

The first option is the extraction of the tooth. By removing the tooth, then you are also removing the source of all the pain in the form of the pulp layer. The problem with this option is that you are removing the tooth, and so you might have to re-acquaint yourself with the tasks of eating and speaking after you have lost a tooth. Tooth extraction should be seen as a last resort when even a root canal treatment can no longer salvage the tooth.

Option 2: Root Canal Treatment

You can get rid of the pulp layer with the help of extraction, but the second way that you can get rid of the pulp is through root canal treatment. This endodontic treatment involves the treatment of the space inside the tooth which houses the pulp. This is done by making a hole through the tooth and then scraping all of the nerve tissues as well as the irritants which have made their way into your tooth. The benefit of going for a root canal treatment is the fact that you do not have to lose your tooth in order for the pain to go away.

The Extra Solution

If you went for tooth extraction, then you’re now entertaining a new problem and that is how to replace the tooth which has just been extracted. Dental implants are the latest in tooth replacement technology. The logic behind this is that dental roots are replaced and not just the crown of your tooth. For this reason, the entire structure becomes more durable, and it functions in the very same way as your natural tooth does.

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