root canal Edmond OKSome pains are tolerable and some just are not. And in the scale of aches and pains, toothache is definitely up there in the list. However, sometimes, an ordinary toothache just becomes extraordinary. When an ordinary toothache becomes a chronic pain, then that only signals that the pulp has already become involved. The pulp is the section of the tooth which houses all of the soft tissues including nerve endings and blood vessels. When the pulp becomes infected, then you may only have two options — the first one is to go through root canal treatment while the second one is to remove the tooth completely.

Root Canal Treatments

The idea for root canal treatments is founded on the fact that it’s possible for you to “kill” the tooth without having to remove the tooth. In essence, killing the tooth is done when you scrape off the pulp layer which is found inside of the tooth. Hence, root canal treatments virtually get rid of the pain in the same manner that extraction does, by removing the hypersensitive pulp. The only difference is that extractions will physically remove the tooth while root canal treatments will only remove the pulp but keep the tooth in place.

Tooth Extraction

The reason for why tooth extraction can be helpful in getting rid of the pain is because of the fact that the pulp region, which is where all of the nerve endings and blood vessels are housed in and therefore the epicenter of the pain, is found inside the tooth. It only makes sense then that if you remove the tooth, then you are also removing all of the pain. However, tooth extractions should only be seen as last resorts since removal of the tooth also means loss of your ability to make use of the tooth.

Dental Implants

Root canal treatments include the restoration of the tooth right after the drilling in order to protect the tooth and make it usable once more. However, when you have a tooth remove, that’s basically it for the tooth. Your problem now would then be how to replace the lost tooth with something that is just as durable, or close to, as that of the original tooth. And enter dental implants. This new dental innovation makes use of titanium rods, which are then drilled deep into the jaw of the patient so that it could be anchored well into place.

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