sedation Dentist Edmond OKDental procedures in the present have become far more advanced compared to the procedures which were done a couple of decades ago. Patients can now opt to have their gums sculpted and re-sculpted as well as “kill” their teeth without actually extracting them. Because of the extent and invasiveness of these procedures, there emerged a need for patients to receive sedative treatments so that they can have a diminished sensation of the pain throughout the procedure.

What is sedation dentistry all about?

Sedation dentistry is the newest branch of dentistry which deals with providing a relaxing experience for individuals who are opting to go for invasive dental procedures or have an outstanding dental anxiety problem. Sedation dentistry in Edmond OK has become extremely relevant these days especially since it is estimated that around 30 percent of individuals are suffering from some form of dental anxiety.

What are the advantages of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can bring about a number of benefits and the most obvious benefit includes relaxing individuals who are known to be suffering from dental anxiety. This condition can drive some individuals so far away from the dentist’s clinic that they end up with serious dental concerns because of their avoidance. At the same time, sedation dentistry can also help to make a very restless child, or adult for that matter, from always moving about throughout the entire procedure as well as help to shorten treatment duration especially for very complicated and invasive dental procedures. The longer that a procedure goes on for, the more anxious a person tends to become and that is why dentists often segment treatments. But with sedation, dentists can perform longer treatments without wearing a patient out.

What are the common used sedatives in sedation dentistry?

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is still the most commonly administered sedative in all of the drugs that are used in sedation dentistry. The reason for this is because not only is the drug very conveniently administered, done only through inhalation from a mask, but the drug also affects right away. This means that a patient does not have to take a priming dose or do anything else prior to the actual treatment time.

Valium can also be used on patients, but the drawback is that patients may feel increasingly sleepy and would require someone to drive them to and from their dental appointment since they would not have the right control over the faculties.

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