Sedation Dentist Edmond OKDental anxiety is something which has been affecting millions of Americans, and causing them to flee from dentists and the dentist’s chair in particular. While some individuals are able to talk sanity into their selves so that they are actually able to go to the dentist and submit themselves for treatment, not everyone can be that way. There are a handful of individuals who do everything in their power to avoid the dentist even if that means having to brave through excruciating dental aches just so that they could keep themselves from paying the dreaded dentist a visit.

The Solution: Sedation Dentistry

If you’re fidgety when you are in the dentist’s chair, then the best thing that Dr. Chandler can do for you is to place you in a more relaxed state with the help of sedation dentistry in Edmond OK. Sedation dentistry is a new branch of dentistry which involves the use of sedatives in order to make an anxious patient more relaxed and be in a calmer state throughout the entire procedure. This then allows the dentist to perform dental procedures without worrying about the reaction of the patient. Sedation dentistry is a relatively new branch of dentistry which is fast gaining popularity.

The Target Market

Naturally, individuals who are suffering from dental anxiety are those who can benefit significantly from sedation dentistry treatments. However, it’s not just the scared patients who would derive significant advantages from these dental anxiety treatments. For instance, individuals who keep on moving can make dentists harder to perform procedures and can potentially even endanger the patient during the performance of the procedure. Hence, if your child is a mover, then your dentist may advise that your child receive sedation dentistry treatments such as nitrous oxide. Also, long, invasive procedures would often require sedation of the patient to dull the pain even when the anesthesia starts to wear off.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the most commonly requested dental sedative to date. Aside from it being very easy to administer nitrous oxide, but the gas also shows its effects right away. This means that patients do not have to take a primary drug prior to going to the dental clinic. At the same time, nitrous oxide will allow your sensations to become numbed without you exactly being knocked up. This means that you can still respond to stimuli although your sensation to pain would be less effective.

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