Sedation Dentist Edmond OKDental phobia, anxiety, and nervousness are some of the feelings people have with the dentist. A study performed by the American Dental Hygienist Association showed that 75% of adult Americans have gum disease yet are not even aware of it. Why? It could be because of anxiety of seeing the dentist. It can also be because of wrong information about the dentist that keeps them from taking regular dental check-ups.

Sedation dentistry knows your needs. This branch of dentistry has been developed to ease the fears of patients with dental phobia, and allow patients with movement disability to receive dental care. Being sedated prior to receiving dental care means that the patient is relaxed and comfortable before and during his/her scheduled treatment. This enables the dentist to perform the necessary dental procedures in a single appointment. The patient receives the dental care that he/she needs without being fearful, apprehensive, or nervous during the entire treatment process.

What Happens with Sedation Dentistry?

• An initial consultation involves evaluation and treatment planning. Dr. Chandler discusses with you your fears. He also reviews your medical and dental history, and the current medications you are taking. He will then prescribe a sedative drug that you should take prior to your treatment at a predetermined time.

• On the day of your appointment, you take the prescribed medicine, following the time instructed by the dentist. You are advised to let someone drive or accompany you to the dental office.

• You are now ready to receive the necessary dental treatments that go in accordance with the treatment plan prepared by Dr. Chandler. Since you were orally sedated, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. It is normal to feel drowsy during this time.

• Dr. Chandler and our team continually monitor your vital signs while we’re also performing the dental treatments you need.

• Time appears to pass very quickly, and your dentist’s appointment is complete before you know it!

• You are advised to let someone drive you home and spend some time with you until the sedative wears off. This ensures your safety travelling from the dental office to your house.

Sedation Dentistry is Safe

Oral sedation is a safe procedure because the medication to be administered offers temporary effects of relaxation. Sedation dentistry had been studied for years before the sedative medicines were offered to the public. Generally, sedation dentistry is safe for most patients.

It is important to choose a licensed dentist like Dr. Chandler for oral sedation. A dentist who has received adequate training in sedation dentistry is a must to ensure your safety. These dentists know the right amount of dosage to give, as well as perform monitoring procedures essential for your safety.

Sedation Dentistry for Optimum Oral Health

Everybody is entitled to receive proper dental care for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Thus, fear and anxiety should not stop you from getting the appropriate dental treatments you need. Sedation dentistry seeks to alleviate and conquer the fear of patients with dental phobia. Patients who are unable to control body movements can also receive dental care with sedation dentistry. Let us all give our thumbs up to sedation dentistry for optimum oral health!

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