Sedation Dentist in Edmond OKDental anxiety is something which millions of Americans are struggling with. In fact, this condition can be so debilitating that individuals affected with this disease might even find themselves avoiding the dentist to a point where they begin to neglect their dental health or even deliberately turn a blind eye to oral conditions which they are currently experiencing. The cost of dental anxiety may not be worth what you are avoiding in the first place — which is to have an inconvenient time in the dentist’s office. You may actually start to lose your teeth and completely make your oral health go for a nosedive.

Sedation dentistry and how it can help your problem.

If you are the type to not be able to restrain yourself inside the dentist’s clinic from moving and fidgeting about, then your dentist would never be able to go through a dental procedure since you’re always on the move. On the other hand, sedation dentistry aims to put you in a more relaxed condition with the help of certain medications which are known to really make individuals less anxious and calmer. In the past, sedation dentistry may not have been such a popular choice among patients but it has now become an important part of dentistry in general.

Who are good candidates for sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is not for everyone but if Dr. Chandler determines that you definitely need this sedation, then you should go for this option. Aside from individuals who are suffering from dental anxiety, other patients who would fare well with sedation dentistry are those who cannot keep themselves from moving too much while in the dentist’s chair such as children. At the same time, if the procedure will take a longer period of time to be completed, your dentist may advise you to go for sedation dentistry so that you can feel more at ease in the chair even with the possibility that the anesthesia may begin to wear off anytime soon.

How can nitrous oxide help?

When it comes to dental sedatives, the first thing which would come to mind is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The reason for why this is the most requested dental sedative is the fact that it’s very easy to administer. In fact, you’re only going to have to inhale from a mask to get the sedative. And while your sensation to pain may become diminished, you’ll still be able to interact with your dentist and other individuals without your responses becoming compromised.

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