Teeth Whitening in Edmond OKA beautiful smile may not be in your genes, but it could be in Dr. Chandler’s list of offered services. If you’re on a budget and cannot go all the way with a smile reconstruction, then what you can do is to opt just for a dental whitening procedure. The great thing about this procedure is that there’s something so enthralling with white teeth and can instantly uplift the status of your smile even when you have other smile problems such as malocclusions.

You can either bleach or whiten your teeth.

Whitening your teeth simply means to bring back the natural whiteness of your teeth and is often what you would opt for if the reason for why your teeth are discolored is due to routine reasons such as your diet. On the other hand, bleaching your teeth involves whitening your teeth beyond what their genetic shade in the first place. This is done with individuals who genetically have yellowish or cosmetically dark teeth, as well as those who have intrinsic dental stains that they wish to have removed.

You may feel some pain.

If you have perfectly healthy sets of teeth, then pain should not be such a huge problem. However, if you do have dental sensitivity to begin with or if you have any existing cavities, then these breaks on the surface of your teeth could serve as channels for the chemicals to make way to the pulp layer of your teeth. And because the chemicals used in dental whitening are abrasive in nature, then the nerve endings within the heart of the affected tooth could become irritated and you’ll then feel pain.

You may have to do the procedure more than once.

Once your teeth have undergone the dental whitening procedure, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you see the whiteness of your teeth. And while your new smile will stick with you for some time, they will slowly revert back the the yellowish shade they once held as you begin to consume a diet that is heavy with highly pigmented substances. So if you’re a coffee drinker or if you need your glass of wine every now and then, you’ll have a hard time maintaining your smile. On the other hand, you can always opt to get touch-ups which would get rid of the little stains that have just developed on your teeth.

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