Edmond Dental Center

Your First Visit

What To Expect At Your First Visit

Dental visits don’t always go as smoothly as you hope. Oftentimes, it can be a hassle to fill out loads of paperwork, work with staff you aren’t familiar with and figure out your financial options. However, at Edmond Dental Center, our staff makes your first visit with us easy and enjoyable.

Checking In:

When you first walk into our office, our friendly office staff will greet you and walk you through what to expect. They will help you fill out the necessary forms. We also make it easy for you to fill out the forms online before your appointment. We don’t leave our patients waiting either. We guarantee on-time scheduling because we value your time.

During Your Dental Appointment:

During the actual dental appointment, you can relax in our comfortable chairs while your hygienist uses our state-of-the-art digital radiography system to take fast and safe X-rays for your file. Our digital X-rays are incredibly precise and use 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. The best part, though, is that images can be immediately projected to a monitor where both you and your hygienist can examine your oral structures.

Your hygienist will also clean and check your teeth for decay, gum disease and other oral problems. The type of cleaning you receive is customized to your oral needs. After your cleaning, Dr. Chandler will visit you to check your teeth and gums and look over your records but also to get to know you. He values his relationships with his patients and enjoys meeting new patients.

Once your cleaning and examination is complete our staff will have already contacted your insurance provider if you are covered and will have your bill ready. If you are not covered, we will go through your finance options with you. As always, we strive to make your first visit a smooth process. For more inquiries about becoming a new patient with us, call us today at 405-330-4630.

Additional Dental Work:

If new patients have additional work that needs to be done right away, we work with you to make it possible for you to get the treatment you need during your first appointment. Immediately treating a dental problem means saving your time and money. We will always discuss your treatment and financial options with you in the event that additional dental work is needed.